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Micaela is a Graphic Designer who graduated from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, specializing in branding, web design, and packaging. With three years of experience in the industry, she has consistently demonstrated excellence and growth as a professional.

In her previous work experiences, she garnered recognition for her exceptional designs tailored for print. Her versatility shines through as she remains open to acquiring new techniques and design software to meet the demands of the contemporary market. Currently, she employs AI not as a replacement for creativity, but as an additional tool in the design process.

Micaela excels in collaborative teamwork, upholds the values of respect, promotes a didactic approach, and fosters a sense of camaraderie. Her journey in the industry has allowed her to develop and thrive as an outstanding professional.


Sophie is an experienced professional specializing in social media management, driven by an insatiable curiosity and a steadfast commitment to constantly evolving and staying up-to-date with digital trends. 

With extensive training in digital marketing, graphic design and user experience, she excels in various tasks, such as brand identity research and creation, strategy and calendar planning tailored to each marketing plan, crafting creative content and captivating copywriting, managing Meta Ads campaigns, competitive market research and meticulous metrics analysis for diverse global brands. 

Not only does she keep abreast of the latest trends, but she also proactively integrates them into her work approach, making her an essential collaborator for any brand seeking to stand out in the digital world.


Vanesa Tatarsky embarked on her advertising career at an early age, also showcasing her prowess in the perfume industry. She played significant roles in acclaimed telenovelas and commercials throughout Latin America. Her foray into the world of perfumes began at the duty-free shop of Ezeiza International Airport in Argentina, where she held the position of Counter Manager for esteemed brands such as Hermès, Bvlgari, Tous, and Estée Lauder.

After living in various countries to hone her skills and immerse herself in different cultures, Vanesa returned to Argentina, teaming up with the brand Halloween to work in duty-free shops across Argentina and Uruguay. Her keen sense for spotting new trends and opportunities led her to Euroluxe, a company that originated in America and grew to multinational stature. As the Manager for the Southern Cone, Vanesa crossed borders, positioning products in duty-free outlets, and serving as the official trainer for the Italian brand Carrera Parfums throughout Latin America. She shared her extensive knowledge of perfumery with sales leaders in each country.

After two years and thousands of miles traveled, she was promoted to the role of Global Marketing Director. Under her leadership, she managed a portfolio of over ten brands, crafting branding strategies and content for licenses like Carrera Parfums and Sweet Years. In the advertising realm, her most notable global contribution was the campaign for the launch of Original Black and Original White by Carrera Parfums, setting a benchmark in the brand’s communication and elevating its global significance.

After dedicating nearly five years to this endeavor, Vanesa founded Claptones, a creative firm dedicated to building identities, brands, and packaging with a holistic approach, from idea conception to its fruition. As Creative Director, Vanesa breathes life, meaning, and emotion into every project. Each endeavor is regarded as a masterpiece, and with the aid of the latest technologies, she and her team ensure that every project surpasses client expectations.

Today, Claptones represents the culmination of over 18 years of passion and experience. Vanesa has masterfully blended her two loves: advertising/communication and perfumery, providing innovative and effective solutions. Throughout her journey, numerous brands have placed their trust in the creativity and proactiveness that characterize Vanesa and her team at Claptones.


Jeremias is a graphic designer specialized in creating eye-catching and impactful visuals both for print and digital interfaces. Having previously studied Fine Arts in the University of Cincinnati and currently finishing a degree in Graphic Design at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, he wields a wide array of skills to match any client’s needs. His previous work experience includes political campaigns for labor unions, social media and gigantography production for the housing market, and development of didactic content for the Department of Educational Sciences within the University of Comahue. Recently, by combining his past experiences in illustration with the emerging field of AI-driven graphics, Jeremias has produced a variety of striking social media campaigns for the fashion and perfume industry.


María Sol is an industrial designer and graduate professor at the College of Arts in the National University of La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Of all her talent and versatility, her curiosity stands out and a huge passion for creativity and problem solving in pursuit of helping people.
 Today she works at Claptones as a 3D artist designer, modeling and rendering to obtain realistic visuals of the products and even set spaces, which are developed according to the customers needs, seeking to highlight the most important functionality and aesthetics of each production.


Albert is a decisive, curious and committed to his personal and professional growth.
He enjoys working in a team and learning from others, as he believes that collaborative work elevates people’s potential and leads to the best results.

His passion for the world of animation and motion graphics drives him to explore new techniques and trends in visual design. He enjoys creating animations and motion graphics that captivate audiences and convey messages effectively.

He also has a passion for cooking. For him, cooking is a form of creative expression and a constant source of inspiration.

With his multidisciplinary approach, he is excited to apply his creativity and skills in design and animation to challenging projects. His commitment to continuous learning makes him a valuable asset to any team.

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